The MMORPG Broken Ranks deploys its guild territories

BROKEN RANKS gameplay ITA - Plinious prova la beta del nuovo MMORPG isometrico a turni
Launched at the beginning of the year, Broken Ranks Puncturely fumbles with the patch and in accordance with its roadmap, the MMORPG has just deployed its “guild territories”.

In concrete terms, guilds now have the opportunity to acquire a territory to build buildings that provide bonuses. The purchase of a territory may not be accessible to all guilds as it should be brought together 10 million golds to proceed with the purchase – the developer sees the means of encouraging cooperation between the members of a guild and mobilize them around a common goal.

However, if the objective is reached, the guild territories are attractive to the extent that they allow to build different buildings: a strong to increase the number of maximum players can reach the guild; a teleportation tower to facilitate travel; a temple that grants buffs (up to three buffs at the same time); a warehouse to facilitate the storage of resources for the guild members; Or a kennel to unlock pets that can help the guild members in combat.
The buildings can then be improved so that their effects are increased (more buff, various pets, more destinations in the teleportation tower, etc.). And the appearance of the guild territory evolves according to improvements. To access the guild territories, it will be necessary to exchange with the PNJ Escort.

The update is complete with the addition of new quests (in particular as an introduction to the instances and bosses which are there), some evolutions in the recipes of crafts, new decorative elements for the female avatars, or Still unprecedented premium skins that contribute to funding the exploitation of the game.
For memory, Broken Ranks is distributed in Free-To-Play and can therefore be downloaded from the official website.

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