“AMONG US” April Fools Fools, crewmates are combined with the four-legged monsters. Suddenly friend function is also super fulfilling

Developer InnerSloth has delivered “Horse Mode” at “ AMONG US ” on March 31. It is possible to play until 9 am April 2nd in Japan.

As the name of the horse mode, the “AMONG US” crew mate or the imposter is a mode in which the impositor is a horse. As it is, the crew mates with the strange organisms of four legs are rushing to the stage. A dedicated animation is newly added when the imposer kills crewmates. At that time, it is a thorough thing that it is prepared until the SE of the horse of the horse. Voice is by programmer GARY. It is surprising that what was inserted until it prepared to prepare a genuine horse. In addition, only the hat and the visor reflect the skin between the horse mode.

In this update, not only the jokes of April Fools, but also the friendlist function is also implemented. In the current version, you can issue your own friend code for each user. Users can send or receive friend requests. You can also invite friends to your own lobby. It is also possible to confirm the history of whether you play with whom in the immediate vicinity. On the other hand, it is possible to block blocks for annoying users. By the way, it is also equipped with the function to hide my own friend code for the distributor. On the setting screen, it is possible to switch the on / off of the invitation notification to the lobby.

Captimes of the current friendlist seems not to be able to check the offline / online state of the friend so far. Also, minor accounts require parental permissions to access the friendlist. Another change of this update is invalidated that the function of temporarily linking / linking existing accounts is temporarily unlinked. About here, it is said that the system is organized and re-enabled next time. Also, in the PC version, the screen vibration is switched from the setting to be switched.

New skins are also delivered. Until April 30, it is distributing a ghost face skin that collaborates with the movie “Scream” on all platforms. In addition, the Xbox platform and Microsoft Store user distribute collaboration skins with “HALO”. The PlayStation platform user has a collaboration skin with “Ratchet & Crank”. Targets can automatically get skins by logging in to “AMONG US”. In addition, since the next update is focused on bug fixes and game flow improvements, it is planned to add new content.


“AMONG US” Uma Mode can be played until 9 am on April 2 in Japan.

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