STEAM Free “The sword becomes heavy as others pull out the sword” Sword of the sword, the length of the sword in one day. Developers are also vivid

The “Sword Length” of “The One Who Pulls Out THE SWORD WILL BE CROWNED KING“, which was delivered free of charge on March 29 at STEAM, it seems to be Cancel. As of 10 am on March 30, Difficulty Level has reached 10000. In order to remove the sword, it is necessary to be a unusual patience, but people who like such experiences seem to be all over the world.

“The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King” is just a game that pulls out the sword. The player attempts to unplug the sword that stabbed the st1. But the sword stuck in the stone does not come off easily. By hitting the mouse cursor with a handle and continuing to lift the sword, pull out the sword. If you can withdraw the enclosure, the player will be the king.

The rules are simple but quite painful. In the first place, this sword is not quite missing. Lift up with left-click with a pattern, etc., and finally gets out of the work by continuing its work for a long time. Meanwhile, if you stop grab the sword, you’re right away from the beginning. It is hell. In addition, this work corresponds to online multiplayer, and is crawled in real time. And in the bad things, if another player pulls out the sword, his sword will be long. User posts that have been required for 30 minutes or more to remove the sword are also seen in SNS. Anyway, it’s a big game to pull out the sword.

※ The contents are easy to understand if you look at the live video of Indie game influencer / creator Layerq

The incidental high game system will call popularity. The number of simultaneous connection players of STeam reaches temporary 2200 (steamdb). When one day has passed since delivery, Difficulty Level extending enough to get rid of the sword reaches 10000. It has come to Kanshst in one day. It seems to be quite popular, but developers How do you capture this popularity? I heard a story to the developed MajorariAtto. What answered me is ALVA Majo, which is the establishment of the studio.

He first asked if he was predicted before delivery, about the length of the sword in one day from delivery. Then he has returned a response that “I did not expect at all.” It is said that the canst value itself has been high, and it was not expected that many users to pull out the sword. In this work, a certain time, no one will make a sword if no one does not miss the sword. Everyone was thinking of re-challenging after waiting for the sword to be shortened, but Majo was delighted if the user continues to be inexpensive and continued to pull out the sword.

By the way, he heard that he has planned to raise the upper limit of the length of the sword, but it is under consideration but it has no plans at this time. It is a concern that the possibility of no longer play and the possibility of being tightened to the sword. Also for future updates, no plans are not scheduled except for bug fixes. Since the game is a very experimental small game and the game is completed, additional content is not necessary.

Also, in this work, as mentioned above, players are suffering from the act of pulling out the sword. When I asked what kind of feeling to look at the suffering player, a response with “I am very painful” came back. Especially when you’re going to leave the sword soon, you will see a user who has released and dropped the user, it’s a waste of water and it will be a waste of time, and if you think that nothing can be obtained. rice field. He expected to pull out the sword, so it was expected to be about 15 minutes, so it was said that people thinking about how stubborn.

Originally MajorariAtto has completed “Golfing Over It With Alva Majo” “to make the user’s hardship to foam water”. In the same work, if you make an operation mistake, it may be possible to directly redeem the stages. However, because it is challenging and pleasant to reimburse, the game was interesting. On the other hand, “The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King” is a game that tries to patrons and does not mean that there is a funny taste in the process of reducing the replace. If the sword comes out, there will be no satisfaction and satisfaction with this problem, but when it fails, it will feel very terrible. Majo says that I would like to feel such a feeling, and said, “Don’t drop the sword!”

In any case, there are many users who play “The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King” and actively suffering a lot of users who are also surprised as MajorariAtto. By the way, when I tried to launch the game at 12:00 on March 31, Difficulty Level in online mode was 0 and I was able to pull out the sword. An accident seems to have happened. The player who pulled out the last recently is called “BAD Game Dev”. Looking at the STEAM community, there are multiple users who report that the network is hacked. Who did someone can’t get out of the sword? The truth is wrapped in a mystery, but it is a sinful game of being wrong.

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“The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King” is free of charge at Steam. If you like this work, it would be nice to check the past work of the studio.

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