The rumor of GTA online makes fun of the expansion of the Liberty City map

A new gta online has emerged an online rumor, and is causing a map expansion that this summer will arrive that will take players back to Liberty City, the fictitious version of the series in New York City and the scene of Both gta 3 and gta 4. The rumor comes by the path of Matheusvictorbr, a Portuguese filter that has begun to accumulate followers on Twitter for several first fruits, filtrations and teasing about grand theft auto vi, gta online, and other things under the umbrella of Rockstar Games. The filter has a mixed history, but if the new affirmation of it is accurate, gta online is receiving one of its greatest updates to date this summer.

The provocation comes through the translation, so it is important to remember the vital context and the meaning can be lost in the process. That said, the filtrator emphasizes the update as “large” and destined for summer. In addition to this, they make fun of a “expansion of the map” followed by an emoji of the Statue of Liberty, the last, of course, teasing the scene of this expansion of the map, Liberty City.

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the mockery. Of course, what is here should be taken with tweezers, since it is not official and is subject to change. There are reports of a variety of sources that claim that a 4_ remistering is in process, but this remastery is scheduled for release in 2023. It is expected that these two will be released very close to each other, but it seems that this is not the plan.

Rockstar Games Teasing Liberty City Map Expansion Location For The BIGGEST GTA 5 Online Update Ever?
The possibilities that this update includes the entire map of Liberty City from GTA 4 are thin, since it is probably too much work for a free update, especially with GTA 6 by turning the corner. At that time, I could also keep that job, especially if you are going to launch a new version of gta online next to it

At the moment, everything we have is speculation and that is all we are going to get. Rockstar Games will not comment on any of this, nor anyone related to the company will comment. That said, if this expectation is broken, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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