New Golf Game of the PGA Tour delayed by EA

After staying inactive since 2015, Electronic Arts announced at the beginning of last year I was working on a new entry into its long series of PGA Tour golf video games. Although the announcement occurred without an attached release date, EA later revealed in 2021 that the project would be delayed to an unspecified window. As of today, EA has revealed what this new launch window will be and, unfortunately, it is much further away from what many lifetime fans probably expected.

Disclosed today on social networks, EA confirmed that gira of the EA Sports PGA will be launched next year in the spring of 2023. The ad came along with a new image for the game that presented the last launch window of the title. Apart from this information, EA did not say anything else about the game other than reiterating that it would be the “next generation of golf championships.” Based solely on this wording, it seems likely that gira of the EA SPORTS PGA will be exclusive for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, but the details about the platforms of the game have not yet been confirmed.

As mentioned, gira of the PGA of EA Sports will be the first entry in the series from Tour of the Rory Mcilroy PGA launched in 2015. From 1999 to 2013, the series notably brought the name of the Superstar Golf Tiger Woods. However, tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 ended up being the last entry into the series to carry his name, which later took Mcilroy to intervene. However, Mcilroy only served as a cover athlete for a game, before EA opted for discontinuing the series in its entirety, probably due to its decreasing quality over time.


The return of gira of the PGA of EA Sports arrives at a time when EA is expanding to the sporting genre once more importantly. The editor will not only have a new golf video game soon in the market in 2023, but it will also bring back its series inactive College Football. Football American University of EA Sports also does not have a release date yet, although it seems likely that it arrives at some point in 2023 along with gira de la PGA.

How do you feel about gira from the PGA of EA Sports being kicked all the way back to 2023? Let me know for yourself in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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