All seed locations wet in the height of the ice wing in a lost ark

The most common collectibles in Lost Ark are wet seeds, but they can be difficult to get. The wet seeds resemble small fruits with a green aura, and when they are found, they will glow.

There is six Mocooco seeds can be found and assembled at the heights of ice-dryers in Shushire. All seats are below.

Where to find all seeds mococo in Iceewing Heights in Lost Ark

Mocooco seeds that are not marked with a yellow triangle, easy to get. You can just go to their location and pick them up.

When you get to the wet seed next to the triangle, you will need to believe in yourself. Rock closes you overview of the path at the bottom, so you do not see how to get there. All you need to do is descend from the mountain on the way. You may doubt it because you need to go through the golden middle to pass.

If you can’t go through the hole, continue to go left and right around this mountain location. We found that it was the right than it seemed. Having passed through the mountain to see the path under it, you can approach the seeds of wet and pick them up.

Lost Ark All Icewing Heights Mokoko Seed Locations

There is a chance that your character will automatically go along the way under the mountain, if you click on it, but we have worked it only once.

For more information about the “Lost Ark”, get acquainted with all locations of the mococo seeds in the Frostpick Temple in the “Lost Ark” and the locations of “all seeds” in the village of Riegennes in the “Lost Ark” in professional guides on the game.

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