A dirty victory leaves Jahn Regensburg

“We needed this victory.” Mersad Selimbegovic underlined after closing whistle on Sunday afternoon in Regensburg, how important the scarce success was about the SC Paderborn for self-confidence of the SSV Jahn. And for the points account.

Because after weeks of downward trend, the 1: 0 was definitely the same for classical liberation. Most recently, Selimbegovics eleven had won 3-0 in Sandhausen on January 16, and since then melted the lead in 16 out of 14 on narrow six counters.

Now it’s about the eight and the class goal seems to be within reach. Thanks to Andreas Albers, who met in the 66th minute with a shot made of rather pointed angle in the net and gave the salvation. At the same time it was the fifth seasonal goal of the last four times in series unsuccessful Danes (“It was of course personally important to me personally”), who made for the first Jahn home win since November.

Gate brings security and pass stafettes

For the facilitated coach Selimbegovic it was a “dirty victory”, which one liked to reception at the Danube. “I hope that was a liberation strike,” said the coach, who underlined the meaning of the gate: “With the hit we won security. How many pass-stafettes we had at once, that’s a good sign.”

Auseinandersetzungen nach Regensburg - Paderborn (60 vs. 30) | SSV Jahn - SCP 1:0

The conference break now offers a short time to regeneration, then it should go as quickly as possible towards league. Four points are missing the Upper Palators until the seasonal goal of 40 points. And maybe with the approach of this brand, the looseness and the gambling wit from the previous year are returning.

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