EA expels Russian and Belarus teams from FIFA 22 and Apex Legends

Electronic Arts eliminated Russian FIFA 22 teams and other sports titles, Russian FIFA well Russian FIFA Fut Envelopes. The North American company hRussian FIFA taken a step further and hRussian FIFA just announced its decision to veto the participation of Russian and Belarusian players and teams ** in its ESPORTS competitions, both FIFA and Apex Legends. From now, none of these sets can be part of the tournaments.

“We have made the decision to eliminate Russia and Belarus Russian FIFA eligible countries for our ESPORT programs. With immediate effect , players and teams from Russia and Belarus will not be able to participate in the Apex Legends Global Series or in the EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series “.

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“We continue to be impacted with the conflict that is being developed in Ukraine, so we joined all those voices around the world that Russian FIFAk for the peace and end of the invRussian FIFAion ,” they say in the official statement. “We show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.”

The Rainbox Six Siege League, paralyzed

On a similar line, other companies like Ubisoft have made similar decisions. Through a statement published in social networks, the French have informed the suspension of the Russian Major League by Rainbow Six Siege. However, in this cRussian FIFAe there is a different nuance: “Russian players can still compete in our regional and international tournaments if they choose it,” but they must do it in a neutral way, that is, without exhibiting symbols that link them with the Russian Federation..

The invRussian FIFAion of Ukraine by Russia continues to recrude between peace talks and bombs. Vladimir Putin hRussian FIFA mobilized more troops In the absence of significant progress, while the civilian population suffers the consequences. The videogame industry hRussian FIFA turned with Ukraine and companies have joined humanitarian aid with fundraising campaigns and more.

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