Cologne in front of BVB game: Ljubicics failure threatens

The bad news does not listen to on the Geißbockheim. After it was clear on Wednesday, that left-back Jonas Hector, the left midfielder Florian Kainz (both ill) and also missing Joker and right outside Kingsley Schindler (private reasons) on Sunday against Borussia Dortmund, announced three more failures on Thursday for the weekend.

Lemperle sick, Obuz tweaks the stomach

Thus, attacker Tim Lemperle also ills and will definitely be missing on Sunday. And even with offensive player Marvin Obuz, the characters are unfavorable because he has confessed a gastrointestinal infection.

Precaution at LJUBICIC


In addition, the versatile Dejan Ljubicic threatens to fit. The Austrian national player, at Cologne 1: 0 derby victory in Leverkusen last weekend as a Joker preparer of Schindler’s hits, stayed at home on Thursday, because he felt uncomfortable. So far, only a precautionary measure, but most recently turned mostly as a harbinger of bad messages.

If this trio also falls off, Steffen Baumgart would only be a relatively small squad for the game against BVB. Thus, even without any Bundesliga experience, such as midfielder Niklas, the last monthly monthly, and has no future at FC, the midfield talents of Mathias Olesen and Georg Strauch, as well as those used in the Regionalliga team and bored Bright Arrey. Fill the replacement bench against Dortmund.

Baumgarts options from the bank clearly limited

The room for maneuver Baumgart, which in Leverkusen with the Inquiries of Jan Thielmann, Schindler and Ljubicic brought more speed and drafts into the FC game, which also paid off at the winning goal, would thus be significantly limited 50,000 spectators.

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