Team boss Steiner about Schumacher: not as a water carrier here

“Mick goes very well with the surname of his father. He does not use him to his advantage and therefore one can be proud of him,” said Steiner (56) before the first Grand Prix of the Year in Bahrain of the German Press Agency in the interview. “To have this surname in racing is becoming noble as in normal life. You wear this surname and have to show that you are worthy of it. Mick has grown up with it and does that well.”

Mick Schumacher is the son of Formula 1 record world champion Michael Schumacher. The 22-year-old disputes for the US team Haas now his second season in the premier class of motorsport. Mick Schumacher is praised in daily dealings for his courtesy. But is he hard and merciless enough on the asphalt to come forward in Formula 1?

Ex-F1 team boss explains why Michael Schumacher was such a special driver
“You can be polite and a hard fighter. That does not exclude the other,” Steiner was. “It’s something good to have a good education. You should always be polite, but if it’s about the business for an athlete, you have to be hard. Mick has already shown that he is polite and a hard fighter, He has shown that he is not here as a water carrier here. “

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