Fortnite: A new season is approaching but, where are the trailers?

What is Tracing Epic Games for the release of the next Fortnite season? While it is still scheduled for this weekend, if we rely on the battle pass game information, no progress has arrived to excite the anxious players to know the theme of Battle Royale’s next episode.

And it is very strange, since, in general, the progress of a new season start at least a week before the start, through events, images or even riddles destined to the community. There, Epic Games makes the choice of more absolute silence . Should we worry or rejoice for it?

No news… good news?

The lack of advances can be something good. Surely we will discover the season on the specific day, without having been spoiled by any filtration, which is relatively rare if we remember the launches of previous seasons. It should be noted that the first season of the chapter had leaked massively the day before its start, with videos where we could see the island turn around.

It is not impossible that Epic Games would learn the lesson and decide to block all the information that could ruin the party. A comprehensible choice, but worried, especially because this season will not close with any live event.

Only one filtration

At the time of writing this article, only one image related to the next season has been filtered. This is an image of the game that shows the battle bus.


Nothing too serious or exciting, especially because this image is probably a variant of the button where you can click to start the game from the store (we have right to approximately the same icon each season, except for two or three colors).

In addition, DataMiners would have managed to extract files about DR. Strange, who believes that he would be one of the emblematic characters of the next battle pass . It has every sense, considering that yours is the next great Marvel movie.

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