El Mimic Tear Nerf from Elden Ring does not make sense

Anillo de Elden The last update was launched this week, and with it a series of improvements and nerfs came for different tools. Most of the changes were quite pleasant with some constructions that were 100% burst and repaired or nerfeades, but a change stood out in particular: the Nerf Mimic Tear. It was, and probably will still be, a strong Spirit Ash companion to be invoked in all kinds of situations, but if it did not affect anyone more than the player who used it, why bother to weaken it?

The notes related to Nerf Mimic Tear were brief and, at the same time, they got enough to feel frustrated. The update “decreased the damage of the Spirit invoked when using the Mimic Tear Ash element and changed the pattern of behavior of the spirit”, and although the last part is a little less clear, the part of the reduced damage is an unmistakable nerf.

Was the invocation of Mimic tear strong enough to justify a nerf? Of course it was, each anillo of Elden The player who has been in the forums and has sought potential constructions will have heard of Mimic Tear Ashes, and according to the comments so far on the anillo of Elden Update, some people had just had in His hands Spiritual ashes and got enough health to use them.

But as anyone who has used it will know, it was effectively an element for a single player, since neither he nor other Spirit Ashes can be used in multiplayer configurations under any circumstances. That means that nobody received a shot by Mimic Tear when he invaded another player, and no one used Mimic Tears to defend himself from the invaders.

Elden Ring mimic tear got nerfed :(
Anti-Mimic TEAR players in favor of Nerf have suggested that he made the game too easy and trivialized the fights of bosses, but unless your name is Malenia, Blade of Miquella or Starscourge Radahn, who cares? It could be argued that it facilitated the cultivation of runes in situations in which Mimic Tear could be invoked out of a bosses fight, but new rules growing locations appear all the time, so it is difficult to imagine that it was a consideration. Followers of fromSoftware have always talked a lot about how others played shouting games of what is op and what is overrated (often because the idea that there is an easier route in some way seems to dilute the own sensation of achievement) But from all compilations in anillo de Elden to complain, applaud a Nerf PVE looks fussy even for Soulsoborne standards.

For update credit, he solved some more serious problems with Elden_ Construcciones as instant death invaders and a shield that also works like a ray gun, but those intelligent changes only make the Nerf Mimic Tear stand out even more. Players will continue to find ways to use Mimic TEAR for their benefit, and if not, they should have many grave Gloveworts and Ghost Gloveworts to improve other Spirit Ashes enough to take the place of Mimic Tear. It is still an unusually pointy part of the game to point independently.

The argument of whether weapons, skills and other single-player tools must be nerfeades in any game is not new in any way, but it is especially frustrating in a game like Elden Ring where you have the freedom to play only to find your compilation You may need a readjustment after an update falls. This nerf will not break the compilations, as it simply doubled what I already had, but if you need to make more drastic changes after future updates, let’s hope you have a larval tear at hand.

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