EA suspends Russian professional teams of Apex Legends and FIFA 22

As well as many other brands and companies, Electronic Arts has also decided to solidize yourself with the situation that is currently being lived in Ukraine , and to do so, they will be prohibiting any Russian FIFA professional team or professional player 22 or Apex Legends can participate in official skills and tournaments.

Via social networks, EA issued a statement that says the following:

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“We have made the decision to withdraw Russia and Belarus as eligible countries in our ESPORT programs. With immediate effect, players and teams in Russia and Belarus are no longer eligible to participate in Apex Legends Global Series and EA Sports FIFA 22 Global Series.

We continue impacted with the conflict that is being developed in Ukraine and we join the many voices around the world that ask for peace and the end of the invasion. We keep in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. “

At the moment, EA did not mention when they plan to suspend the suspension, but it will surely be until the conflict between Russia and Ukraine comes to an end.

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