Where to get a shield in the tunic

TUNIC is an adventure game in which Lisa goes to the mysterious journey. No journey costs without a reliable sword and shield, but at the beginning of the game you will find that you lack and the other. Sword search will not take much time, but it can make you think where to find a shield in the tunic.

You can find a shield in Tunica in Old house . It is located to the left of the first statue with which you will come across, but you will not be able to get to it without a sword and the key from the old house. Once you get access, you can get a shield in the tunic.

how to get a shield in the tunic

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To get a shield in the tunic, you need to get the key from the old house. As soon as you find yourself inside the old house, take the chest and continue moving to an open door in the back of the house . It leads to the tunnel. Take the right path and follow the room to the room with a shield.

The shield can be pulled up using RT. It is useful for blocking enemy attacks and gives you a time to think against several enemies. In addition, it completes the heroic type of sword and shield!

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