Our complete steam deck test, the valve machine to mid

Formalized last summer by the American manufacturer to put an end to the rumor ball, the Steam Deck is finally here. The valve portable machine arrived at the editorial and let ourselves be tested by our expert hands. Halfway between a Nintendo Switch and a takeaway PC everywhere, the giant console behind Steam is an object full of promises, with its qualities and defects, but especially a machine as rarely we had in the hands. We take stock after several days of use and be defended: there are many things to say.

PARA İSRAFI Steam Deck Oyun Konsolu ve Muhtemel Oyun Performansı

First of all, it may be wise to recall the original Steam Deck promise during his announcement last July. From the top of its almost thirty centimeters wide and its 669 grams, the valve nomad allows you in theory to access your Steam library wherever you decide to win. The manufacturer speaks of a portable device “All-in-one” dedicated to the PC game, which turns “Vos real games in your true hands“. Experience wants to be closer to the classic steam use on a computer, and relies on Steamos 3.0, a very close operating system of Big Picture, which browsing your Steam library in the joystick In your living room and throw them very easily.

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