A new progress of the sixth season of My Hero Academy approaches

While the manga readers are on the edge of the seat with each new chapter of _ My Hero Academia _, those who expect news from the anime, it seems that it will finally have new information. According to a new report, in a few days we would have a new look at the sixth season of this anime.

Recently, it was discovered that the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump will have a small advancement of the sixth anime season of _ m and Hero Academia_ in its next edition, which will be released in Japan next week . Although the specific details are a mystery, it seems that this advance would be a new poster.

Considering that Anime Japan, an event focused on this entertainment medium, will be held next October 26 to 29 , and it has been confirmed that _my Hero Academy will have a special panel. It is so not only a poster of the new season would be on the horizon, but it would premiere the first teaser of this anime at the end of the month.

On related topics, a reference has been found to age of Ultron in my Hero Academia. Similarly, this anime will have a Royale Battle.

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I can not wait for the new season of My Hero Academy. The events that will be adapted are one of the most exciting all history, and it will be very interesting to see how certain fights and moments will be adapted.

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