If “Lineage W” equipped with an automatic translation function, do you get familiar with overseas with Japanese Language? One month, Worldwide Virtual World Excitation Struggle

Speaking of MMORPG’s taste, it is an exchange with people. Game information exchange, blooming flowers to a chat, sometimes focused and a mighty boss challenge his monster. Days to spend with friends are the flower of large-scale multiplayer games. “Lineage W” is a work that can enjoy exchanges and fighting with such friends. On the other hand, this work is widely developed in the Asia area on the premise of global development, and many players from abroad are large. Language differences are the largest walls that stand up before communication.

However, there is no worries in this work. Because there is a translation system that facilitates conversation with overseas players in “Lineage W” itself, “Lineage W” and the platform “PURPLE” provided by the developer NCSOFT also has a translation chat function. This correspondence is “PURPLE” using “PURPLE” to play “Lineage W” on your PC. From a solo player who feels lonely and loneliness, the translation chat function is a translation chat function with foreign fellows and will began to experience the experience in which the world spreads at once. In the screenshot of this paper, we have blurred the player name and conversation content from the perspective of privacy protection. There may be no unsightly points, but please forgive me.

“Lineage W” and “PURPLE”

“Lineage W” is the basic play of the quarter view (look-up viewpoint) developed by Korean NCSoft. In addition to helping hunting and equipment, you can taste MMORPG’s taste such as interaction with people and mutual fight. And it is the platform “PURPLE” provided by NCSOFT to be a window to play this work on a PC. “Lineage W” will be able to enjoy even PC, and many functions such as inter-game interlocking chat “Purple Talk”, remote play and play screen delivery are combined.

In particular, I felt convenient this time, it is a chat function “Purple Talk”. Group chats and whispers (personal addresses) in the game can also be confirmed without logging in to the game. In addition to notification and setting of pop-up, there is also a function such as voice chat. The feeling of use is good, and it is possible to check with the same feeling as the communication tool such as “Discord” and “SLACK” and reply. Automatic translation function is also integrated, and simply sending Japanese chats without thinking about nothing and it is a Sgremono that can communicate with overseas players.

Eggpure but Lonely Solo Playing Start

In the writing of this paper, I was jumping into the world of “Lineage W” early. I am a beginner of the “Lineage” series. He felt freshness while feeling a quest while having a feeling of freshness. This work has quest automatic progression and automatic hunting function. In addition, since navigation is also solid, the basic elements were able to get used to the puzzle.

On the other hand, I was surprised that there are many overseas players. On the server where the author created the character, the number of players in Korea and Taiwan. Although I thought that I wanted to enter a multilometer in search of exchange, Korean and Chinese were lined with Korean language and Chinese. However, here, the translation function of this work is useful. Even in any language, you can immediately translate into Japanese in the game. Taking advantage of the same function, it is possible to select an immediate joining and took a pochy that seems to be able to work easily.

However, since I joined the maximality, I can not immediately get friends. It is communication that is important. In addition, an immediate subscriber, the number of poles that can be joined and the number of active players was small. And it may be possible to interact well with the overseas people. The pending thinking is that it would spend time to spend a lonely solo player while participating in the multilings for about one month. He tried to make a “PURPLE” sub account, but after all when I tried to make a “PURPLE” sub account, it is myself after all. It became a result of strengthening loneliness. By the way, “purple” corresponds to play with multiple accounts formula.

However, of course, I can not enjoy it even with a solo player. The fun of strengthening characters and leading to new hunts is no change in solo. In this work, the enemy drop item catalog etc. can also be confirmed from the map. Set automatic hunting in a place where the equipment you want to update will fall, and then check the pleasure when you’re successful and got well. In the scope of solo play, it can be said that the place tile to train for the steady purpose.

However, if you play with MMORPG, you also want to enjoy interaction with friends. However, the activities of the Mexico Clan, which I joined, are modest. Boss he only challenged by the members of the prostheto was a type that did not challenge monsters, so boss his monster killed. Also, I would like to go to “Party Boss Monster” and “World Boss Monster”, which do not know how well. The author who reached the limit is the limit of the limit, exchanges with friends, and the people who want to enjoy the content, and sent an application to the leader of the people in Taiwan. Believe in translation, in Japanese.

# Lonely to the day to turn to the days

Since the conclusion, all worry and anxiety were eagle. The leader of a new pochy replies immediately with the WISPER function in the game. Chinese chat also translates so that it is a button alone or a fairly meaning. Thanks to you, I immediately decided to join the maxim. In the meantime, I was very smooth without missing communication thanks to the notification of “Purple Talk”.

But after all foreign people gather. The author is honest and Chinese is broken. In the first time I tried to send it from a pretty poor Bochalary, I tried to send it with “(Nee Hao)”, but believe in the automatic translation function and entered “Hello! First, thank you, thank you,” and sent it. How about it. Many members have overflowed a warm message such as “welcome”, “Hello Japanese friends, Hello” from many members. I was so full of my tears.

The automatic translation function began to exert more power, even though Impressive and cold. The author who is tuned was asking for the advice in advance to the game. The contents of the question here are, of course, Japanese. It was somewhat anxious about how much the terms of games. In fact, although there was a slightly transmitted surface, etc., although there was a slightly transmitted surface, it was possible to understand without problems as much as possible. First of all, I heard that I heard that there were a number of people who went to him.

# I wish I could hear it

In this work, there is a boss monster defeat activity “party dungeon” and “World Boss Monster” for multiple people entered from the dedicated menu. The author who wanted to experiences this is first, the party he first talked to the speethers who did not go to the monster “Bafemet”. Then, “I can accompany you, but I can defeat it as it is normally.” When I asked, “Is it okay or okay”, the big misunderstanding was revealed.

The content is automatically matched with the player. Also, the “World Boss Monster” is the same, and the strangled players can automatically fight through one hall. On the other hand, I was misunderstood that I was a solo challenge if I did not challenge my parties. In other words, I was watching out and watched a boss monster defeat that can be played without problems for about one month. What’s embarrassed, it’s a good idea.

However, it was only because there was a conversation with the prosthes. Besides, the support on the knowledge is very appreciated and felt strongly with the communication of communication that automatic translation brought. As an example, although it was returned to the World Boss Monster “Radon”, it has become possible to survive safely due to the recovery method and equipment by the speech. In addition, since the party he may not be stable if the boss monster “Klaken” may not be stable, “I also take it” when the police officer was recruited with “Klaken (Klaken).” Thank you. It is notification of such recruitment, such as notification, may be the functionality of “Purple Talk”.

# To the Literic Activity of the Wanting

And after joining a multilometer, it has been to taste the fun of large-scale cooperative play after a while. In this work, we regularly hold events that can be obtained by item “Pine Wand”. This is an item that can emerge various boss monsters according to the grade when used in the “Legseric Field” where only the member members are included. Solo was a longing activity that could not be done by the mechanism.

Such a “pine wand” came out of pololet. I spoke to the class of the lord of the maximality (Kran Master), and “Pinewand” Boss He wants to defeat monsters with every1. ” Then the monarch plans to kill in the blink. He says everyone to say “Yuka this day” and boss he put together monster defeat. As a result, about 15 people gather, collectively fired on the boss monster. Although I was defeated in an instant instantly, my heart was filled with the joy of the battle.

# Suddenly the Momber of Movement Merger Merger

Immediately after that, unexpected contacts. The joined others merged with other multilometers. Apparently, I would like to leave the applicant who currently belonged to the nearest poles and joined the nearest poles. It was anxious that I got used to a strangle of foreign countries, losing my passport and dropped the wallet. However, the monarch was a monarch. When we consult with the merger, “I will go to the merge destination. Nothing don’t worry, and I will take care of it.” It may have been applied if there was a marriage system in this work.

And anxiety to the merger was eager. There was no problem with exchanging, and I could join the new bloody smoothly. And, the new bloody has increased the number of active people, and I was very warm with the “Japanese friend!” Welcome mood, who is also a Japanese friend! In addition, when I often heard “Anisa”, I wondered if I thought strangely, this is a well-known greeting on the Taiwanese net. In the case of “Good morning”, it seems to say “Ashi,”, thanks to the exchange, the knowledge of words also increased a bit. It is a sense of relief as if the passport and wallet thought to be lost were from the beginning. And the merger had further merits. The aforementioned “pine wand” blew the fire.

# I’m really happy but I’ll go to bed

Even in new pochies, the story of the boss monster defeat of “Pinewand” was lifted. Apparently, it starts from 23 o’clock on a day. In Taiwan and Japan, Japan is on one hour. In other words, it is open from 0 am the next day. Although it was somewhat earlier early, I judged that it will end soon from the previous Pinewand experience, and “I will go!” But this was a bit spicy miscalculation.

Literature training ground in midnight. Many participants are more than before, and their poles are kinking. From the contents of the chat, this time it seems to be called multiple bosses, including his monsters. And the boss monster was summoned from “Pine Wand”. The number of people increases, before the boss monster will melt in an instant. The next minute was also defeated immediately and two more bodies were simultaneously called, and this could be defeated by Tonton beats. “After all it seems to end early.” A boss monster was called by a grade “pine wand”.

It is the right to see the arrow with a boss monster with a different point from the eye, and it is the right to shoot the arrow. At the time of the hardness and attack power, the boss monster turns around the place when the avant-garde character falls. Apparently, it seemed to have a scope of attack, and when the boss monsters came to the side, blood was blessed. Friends were also enjoying screaming with chat that “I do not fall”. Also, because the other side is late at night, “I’m sleeping”. Don’t sleep. Nevertheless, the boss monster falls down and tasted the satisfaction that defeated strong enemies with teeth. And while I was tasted, I got a scream because I had an invariant of the same boss monster.

As a result, the boss monster hunting of “pine wand” continued for a small hour. Apparently, there seems to have been a member who has taken “Pine Wand” according to the merger. Also, even as a reward, there are many coins that lead to the character reinforcement through the function of the multilometer, so it is Hoku Hoku. Members of the maximbursement will be falling one after another and fall asleep. Beginners and satisfaction, I went to tweet, and I went to bed and down. The fun of the game with my fellows and the fun that I could not spend I was going to be delayed by a roundabout.

# From now on, thank you

The author who woke up from sleep was completely fatigue, and the remained later was a fulfillment feeling that he played with his longing content. Little Chat is a further activity, and a boss that appears in the World Map, and I’m looking forward to defeating a drake that is his monster.

I thought that I was a bit active, but I lose to the spirit of the maxims. Taiwan’s warm friends and continue the adventure with “Lineage W” in the future. To the extent that it does not lack sleep.

High Density 2022

# Looking back on the activity of “PURPLE” and automatic translation function

What I would like to see again, in the play experience so far, I am in particular not aware of the differences in languages. Of course, sometimes chat from the other side and this chat may not be transmitted by translation. However, when doing so, it is familiar with each other, and first “translation is not good”, and it will be solved first if it changes the expression and repressing it. Recognition about dialogue with such translationally, at least the user encountered by the authors had together each other. In other words, there is no need for concerns, especially “incorrect translations may cause misunderstanding.”

Also, the same function exerts a value by combining with “Purple Talk”. Although the inter-game chat implemented in “Lineage W” is not functionally problematic, it is also plany to be handled and convenient to handle PC and smartphone communication tool sensation. In addition, although we will tell again, in-game chat and Purple Talk share conversations, and either automatic translation function can be used. Regardless of the opponent’s play environment, group conversations are also a “PURPLE TALK”, and it can be replied to Satsu in Japanese who is used to use it.

On the other hand, in the direction of wanting to play with Japanese players, we also introduce servers with many people in Japan. According to the “Lineage W” official announcement, as of November 12th, the domestic player population top server has many servers, “Ain Hazard 01” “Ken Rau Hzade 05” “Ken Rau Hel 05” “Marble 04” “Ein Hazard 02” “Elephant 06” It seems that it is. If you start from now on, the official beginner ambassador character is also playing “Hardin 11”. Other than that, it is also recommended to start after making a pre-consultation with the official Discord’s speech members’ recruitment bulletin board etc.

In addition, when enjoying “Lineage W” via “PURPLE”, it is easy to operate because the relatively required specification is also unobtrusive. When playing “Lineage W” on a PC is a good point of performance, “power saving mode” is activated, and can be switched to the power saving mode with a time course or a took. Although the memory uses 2 Gb stronger, the CPU utilization is reduced to around 2% when switching to the “power saving mode”. If there is a certain degree of machine power, there is no problem with “play while” while parallel to other games and work.

In addition, since this work is also substantial, it is not very time. Since there are few temporal and PC resource impacts, it can be said that it is easy to add to + α to the current game life. If you have already played “Lineage W”, you can also work for automatic hunting for a longer more time for a mobile terminal. Regardless of new / existing players, “Lineage W” to play with “Purple” is worth touching.

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