FIFA: The justice of the Netherlands touches a fine to EA for FUT envelopes

EA Fined €10 million For Breaking Dutch Gambling Laws (FIFA Loot Boxes)

The hard and long legal battle between the authorities of the Netherlands and Electronic Arts by the FIFA booty boxes adds a new chapter. After multipating EA with up to a maximum of 10 million dollars (an amount that hState Council never been paid), history hState Council given a new tip, since the division of the administrative jurisdiction of the State Council of this country now considers that Try to “an unjustified fine” , so it exonerates the company to pay any fine.

The Hague Court ruled in October 2020 the possibility of fine EA with 500,000 per week if it continued to sell envelopes in FIFA Ultimate Team. Justice then State Councilsured that this practice wState Council a violation of the Betting Law in the Games, a decision now revoked. The weekly fine hState Council never been deposited because Electronic Arts challenge the decision of the courts and decided not to pay and continue selling their digital products at FIFA Ultimate Team.

is not a gambling according to the law

This new sentence does not solve the fund of the debate, the question that many have been formulated: Are the booty boxes betting? What they conclude is that according to Dutch laws, a betting license is only necessary if the product is a slot machine instead of an individual element.

“Although envelopes can not be opened when playing matches, it is possible to open them in future mode.” Therefore, the fact that they open outside the matches itself does not determine that it is “a separate game”. So things, State Council envelopes are not an independent game, are not considered gambling and do not require a license. Therefore, the editor hState Council not violated the law and can not “impose the payment of a fine”.

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