[Basic Play Free] Treasure Peeling Survival Shooter “Badlanders” PC version Early Access Delivery-Shoot, take it away, and take a huge escape

Net Ys Games has started delivery of early access for the basic free looting survival scuter Badlanders ” PC (Steam), 101.studio.

This work is a basic play that can taste the looting experience of wavy wealth. The app version delivered with iOS / Android boasts several tens of millions of downloads worldwide.

# New shooting experience

  • Adopt a new escape system that defines one of existing survival games.

  • The player does not exist only because the player escapes from the escape point where multiple points are given.

  • By the elements of the looting, not only defeat the enemy, but it will increase the width of the play by raising the wealth as much as possible and raises the width of the play and produces a variety of strategicity.

# Rich Content

  • Various content is provided, and players have diverse choices of the Food Guest method to raise earnings more.

  • Auction Trading ” allows you to freely trade between players with a number of supplies you have robbed on the battlefield.

  • A “Weapon Manufacturing” system may create a random and advanced equipment.

  • On the battlefield, it is possible to switch between first-attractive viewpoints / third-person viewpoints.

# About early access

  • Early access period is planned about 1 to 3 months, and if there is a potential bug, it is updated as needed, and it will respond quickly to feedback from the user.

  • For a formal full version, we plan to add more multilingual additions and ui renewal, add new maps.

  • Basic play free of full versions.

Basic Play Free Ploot Shooter “Badlanders” is delivering early access to PC (STeam).

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