FC Bayern – Mario Basler poxies against Robert Lewandowski: “He gets the ass every day”

Sport1 -Experte Mario Basler dared on Tuesday lived full-bodied out of the cover and criticized Bayern-Star Robert Lewandowski for his alleged tactics in terms of contract renewal.

“How much appreciation do you want? The responsible persons speak continuously positively from him, signal him that they want to extend and he deserves most of the money with distance. He gets the ass leaned every day by Bayern Munich. What are you still wanting to do Cutting the foot nails? Lewandowski alone is not the FC Bayern Munich, “said Basler in the Sport1 broadcast” Fantalk “visibly in Rage.

Basler About Lewandowski: “… because I get a seizure”

BACKGROUND OF THE COMMUNICATION IS VERY LUFFOWSKIS Behavior to his employer and that the Pole is currently doing no institutions to extend its contract to 2023. Anyway, Basler is powerful against the stroke.

“Not even Gerd Müller or Franz Beckenbauer have received as much appreciation as Lewandowski. Since Bayern gives, no one was valued in this measurement,” the 53-year-old claimed and asked the first steps of Lewandowski himself: “Now he has to Time from themselves: “I sign now for two years, then I stop. But brush the ass up to the top, because I get a seizure… “

Basler also attacks Sven Ulreich

But not only Lewandowski got away from Basler his fat, Bavaria’s replacementkeeper Sven Ulreich had to be a few evil words.

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“The dwarf, who stands behind there, can not do anything!”, Basler said in the direction of Ulreich. “If one is no longer wanted by HSV in the 2nd league, there are reasons. Ulreich is a second league goalkeeper for me.”

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