Lost Judgment: The first images of The Kaito Files, the Narrative DLC

The players who left Takayuki Yagami plan last September with the release of Lost Judgment will be able to find our famous lawyer / detective in a few weeks. Sega comes effect of revealing the release date of The Kaito Files, the narrative extension dedicated entirely to the right Brad of Yagami. WHEREAS on March 28 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One, The Kaito Files will consist of 4 chapters and will allow us to know more than the character of Masaharu Kaito, with a new survey. Gameplay side, the latter has its own techniques, different from Yagami, with two styles of combat: rustling and tank.

It is recalled that the story of this DLC will happen just after the events of Lost Judge, at a time when Takayuki Yagami left the city and left Kaito take care of a delicate file. A case that will make him find Mikiko, an old amourette, with whom he would have had a son undeclared, a certain Jun, already teen when he meets his knowledge. Kaito will therefore have to juggle new responsibilities, need to flout in his past to know the truth, but also face a corrupt union related to the Criminal Bottoms of Kamurocho. We are now waiting for the first trailer to see how the Yagami partner is doing it alone.

Lost Judgment | Kaito DLC Moveset Showcase

About The Kaito Files:

His version of the story: Challenge new bosses thanks to Kaito’s unique combat styles. Browse Kamurocho to acquire new collectible items and dive into Kaito’s past in this dramatic extension composed of 4 chapters.

Bestial mode: Chez, bold and always so epic, you can always count on Kaito regardless of the chosen combat style, or whatever spinning. Use a more aggressive style or reinforce your defense by opting for a more tank combat style.

Trust your instinct: No need for Yagami ultra-pointed gadgets. Kaito has his own style of investigator, based on his senses. Count on Kaito’s primary instinct to find evidence, identify suspects and of course solve your business.

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