Pixars novelty animation continues to handle feelings through fantasy and symbols – reviewed red

In the entertaining novelty of Pixar’s entertainment, the internal struggle and age challenges of early trial lead to a very strange physical change.


Although sometimes I miss my youth year, so the uncertainty of teeth and emotional noise is no miss. Blusters without any sensible cause, nolly in the presence of opposing sex, parents of parents (Sori, scum and mother) and all-knowing approaches to the challenges of life (sore again). Disney and Pixar’s punainen movie (turning red) Toronto nastal, fights with the same things, what is the degree of degrees in the body of his revolutions. Pixar’s novelty animation successfully continues to handle feelings through fantasy and symbols.

How Pixar's Movement Animation Became So Realistic | Movies Insider

Return to Tamagotch.

Director Domee Shin Oscar-award-winning short film Bao (viewed from Disney +) handled the abandonment of the abandonment of the pain and a blank homeowner from the parent’s point of view. Shi will continue around the same works, as one of the key themes of the film is the relationship between parents and children after postparten the first steps towards independence. Punainen starring is a 13-year-old Meil’s “Mei” Lee – a very initiative, but a degree of irritating a young woman, as the teacher describes him – that balances overselling and liking his mother, in addition to the turmoil of the usual teenage girls.

Timely, a wonderful 4 * town-boy band and the boys at all starts to begin interested in a different way before, and the overriding mother seems to ignore peace. Mei miss everyday hurry to her own life, friends and delights. Excitement and independence. Who does not? After an embarrassing chain of an embarrassing chain, Mei becomes enormous, red golden panel. And in the future, the same thing happens whenever the feelings get unleashed. O-M-G!

Girl Energy

The story ranging from the early 21st century is deals with Puberty’s internal turmoil and feelings of emotion through humor and metaphors – maybe too straightforwardly. The pilot’s immigrant background is displayed and belongs to everything, as a fast-paced adventure relies strongly on Chinese mythology. The change of the panda becomes a pretty surprise for a friend circle. A loyal friendpan is made up of three other 4 * Town fans, whose characteristics differ completely, but at the same time complement the group dynamics. Rarely, there is a similar child’s girlfriend on the screen just as much!

Big in one night.

It is annoyedly audio-visually gorgeous and occasionally even by the Anima BUKA_PUNA_PUNTAIN_PUNTA_NUKA, that is, Disney does not bring an animated film in Finland to the theaters, but can only be viewable from Disney +. 4 * Town’s music is responsible for sister duck finneas and Billie Eilish and the movie will take the most out of the young fan culture and the boybirds (commercial).

Oiva’s mental sequel

Where conquering inside out focuses on the processing of children’s emotional life, punainen continues towards the challenges of teenage age. Growth pains and uncertainty are part of adulthood, and sometimes it is just a clumsy, red haircut in the middle of a large crowd. The armpits of smelling, cheeks reddish and all seem to be staring. Shin’s full length debut is a story about the friendships, independence and love for music. It is not quite above at the level of Pixar’s best movies, but charms with inventive visual selections and you will look forward to youngness. It’s good to remember that growth requires its tax from both parents and children.

But is viewable from Disney + 11.3. from.

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