First character of Mortal Kombat 12 possibly filtered

The first character in the next mombat game, tentatively bent momatal Kombat 12, possibly has been filtered. After the launch of mortal kombat 11 in 2019, the expectation was that Netherrealm Studios went to work in injusticia 3 next. That said, according to recent rumors, the developer based in Chicago is working on mk12. This has not yet been confirmed, but according to an outstanding momattal kombat filter, rumors are true.

Back in preparation for launch, a filter with the name of “R00R” became a name by filtering and making fun of several things about mk11 – as its list – it would later be true. A time has passed since we knew the filter, but recently resorted to Gamefaqs to provoke the fanatics of the series. More specifically, they left a brief comment affirming that “reiko has returned”, followed by “see you next year.”

Unfortunately, this is the scope of the mockery. Obviously, there is nothing vague about the previous statement, but it is not clear if the filtrator makes fun of the game that the game will not be revealed until next year or if it will be launched next year. It seems to be the first thing, but it could be the second or even both.

R00R, a filter in the days of MK11, briefly returned to Gamefaqs the other night to insinuate MK12. The first photo is a “confirmation” that Reiko will appear, while the second is a documentation of everything that filtered before. from

For those who do not know: Reiko is a villain who made her debut in momatal Kombat 4 as a general in Shao Khan’s army. Reiko is not exactly the most popular character, so it is not clear why R00R would make fun of the inclusion of it, but maybe it is destined to serve as a broader track on what to expect from the game. That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt. None of this is official.

It is not clear when Netherrealm Studios will begin to talk about his next game, but the creative director of the study, Ed Boon, recently said the following about what the team was working on:

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“I can say that for 10 years we were launching mostal kombat and injusticia, mostal kombat and injusticia“, said Boon as he spoke with game informer. “When we broke that pattern, it was much speculated about what we would do next. I can tell you that there was a reason for it, and when we announce our next game, it will be much more sense ». This point, I’ll get into many problems if I say something else. “

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