How to fix the ELDEN ring

ELDENRING , the latest game of from Software, is so challenging enough. Enemies that you can turn off with a blow, which are attacked by several enemies at the same time, and many other challenges await you in front of you, but one thing that the players did not expect, was invisible enemies . Was this purposely brought into the game, just to frustrate the players even more?

Luckily, our reason is not a new feature of the Souls series, but rather an unfortunate mistake that can drive the most experienced veterans of the series into a pit of despair after losing all his hard-developed ruins. Here is our instructions on how to eliminate these invisible enemies during their time at Elden Ring!

ELDEN RING – How to get invisible enemies

While it may feel like the developers of this series only throw cheap shots on them, if they are eliminated by an invisible enemy, it is only their PC or system of their choice that has hard to render some of their opponents. Fortunately, there are some ways to try to resolve this issue!

The first option you will have is Save and stop the game. If you try this method, the game is completely closed so that it has the opportunity to reload yourself properly. The system may have been in operation too long or has tried to render all enemies as well as the highly detailed map so that it may only require a breather to get back. The full closing of the game has a good chance to solve this problem.

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If you do not want to quit the game, you can try it at any time Reload from a previous score. Or you can save your game and reload your game immediately, so that the game has the opportunity to reload at least the area in which You are currently located without losing further progress.

You could also try go to another area , and leaves your enemies in the dust. Since the enemies in the game will not follow them forever, there is the possibility that they simply run away from them, but this could lead to problems in the future, because if they return to this area without reloading the game, they could always load it still be there and wait for you to take you.

Shutdown your console or PC could also fix some of the problems you work with. As with many other electronic devices, it can lead to unexpected disorders if you hold your PC or your console for too long in standby mode, and the handling of an invisible enemy could be one of the problems that you are facing. Treat your system a small breather and then return to the world of Elden Ring.

The last step, and the largest, would be to uninstall and reinstall it. If you still encounter problems, this extreme way may be your only option. Just make sure your memory data is preserved because you want to lose not only your runes, but also your memory.

So much political there is also in the world of Elden Ring, unfortunately there will still be disorders, no matter how much they try to avoid them. Since this is a pretty new discovery of players, we can only hope that from Software Iromoted this unfortunate mistake in your next patch and update!

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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