2. League, Holstein Kiel: “Suddenly it is 4: 1”

Actually, everything seemed already decided in Kiel when Jamilu Collins had met a quarter of an hour before the end of the meantime 4: 1 for the SC Paderborn. The fact that his team in the episode is still up to a final score of 3: 4 to the guests, Marcel Rapp counted up his storks after his final whistle on the “Sky” microphone high. “That’s Holstein Kiel, that we leave everything to the end,” the coach grabbed the until the final whistle moral of his protégés together.

HC Zagreb - THW Kiel | Full Game Highlights | Champions League 2022


These had not abandoned even after the clear residue and after two late hits by Alexander Mühling and Benedikt Pichler even scratched at a point profit. “With a little luck, we may even make the compensation,” says coach Rapp, which held especially with the opportunity utilization in the first passage: “Actually, we have to take a lead in the break.” For the 42-year ex-professional a possible training approach for the coming week.

After the side change, several unfortunate situations and mistakes in the Kiel rear team led to three hits of the guests. “The second half runs, you look at the canvas and suddenly it’s 4: 1 for the opponent – and you do not know why,” the Kieler practice leader brought that to the point what many followers of KSV thought in the second round. As a result, it was “of course a completely different game”.

1: 4 may not be back at home.

Fabian Reese

Similarly, it also looked like one of the eye-catching keel: “While we have the chances of more goals in the first passage, we collect concedes several times in the second half and therefore need to pack our nose,” Fabian Reese summarized after the game. “1: 4 are not allowed to be back at home,” the longtime Schalke formulated.

Kiel is “conscious of the situation”

This 1: 4 was able to bend Rapp’s team, despite the “crazy game course” just not decisive – which is why the Fjord will now be able to look in the rearview mirror on the Farme after three defeats in series. “We said that a few weeks ago, that we are aware of the situation,” Rapp played on a phase in October when his team had stayed winning five mandatory games and added: “That’s exactly how we are now.”

Improvement can show Holstein Kiel already next weekend. On Friday (18:30, Live! With Jamilu) it goes for the North Germans at promoted Hansa Rostock against a team that is very deep in the table cellar. “Now some injured and sick come back and then we’ll look,” Rapp indicated a higher competitive situation – which should pay off. Because, so Rapp concludes: “It’s not about to tell, but about improving workout.”

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