“It has happened”: Leipzigs fireworks after fireworks

“Tonight it happened twice,” Domenico Tedesco reported on the “Sky” microphone from a nocturnal fireworks in front of the Leipzig Team Hotel. That RB has made from rest, Tedesco feared after the bumpy initial phase of his team. “We had three ball losses in the first five minutes, where I thought: ‘Oh, that could become difficult today,” said the RB coach.

But it was not difficult for Leipzig that on very bumpy runners in HDI Arena arrived after a quarter of an hour in the game. “We then minimized the mistakes and made the goals,” Tedesco showed himself highly satisfied with the rest of the second division.

“Christo sacrifices on”

At all ahead of Christopher Nkunku made for a much more relaxed Leipziger mood position, the Frenchman brought RB early on course. With its scorer points number 34 and 35, Nkunku once became a matchwinner, but it’s not just the numbers that make the 24-year-old so valuable for Leipzig. “Christo sacrifices, he is in the counterpressing, but also in the possession of the ball,” Tedesco praises the hardworking style of his protégem.

On Wednesday evening, however, Leipzig was very diligently superior to the collective very diligent and Hanover playfully considerably. Konrad Laimer and André Silva screwed the result in passage two still to 4-0 after RB had survived the only strong phase of the 96er after restarts without prejudice.

Caught On Camera: Fireworks Collide With DTLA High-Rise Apartment Building

“We know how horny it is”

The sovereign entry into the semi-final, which is published on March 6 and played on 19 and 20 April, Leipzig brings another step closer to the first title of club history. “We know that we are now traded as a favorite. We know how cool it is to drive to Berlin in the Olympic Stadium. Should we come back to it, then we can not miss the chance to take the trophy home “Kevin Kampl knows that RB was already twice in the final, but first had to give Bayern (2019, 0: 3) and then Dortmund (2021, 1: 4).

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