Announced to delete Russian club / representative from EA, “FIFA”. Russia disappears from popular soccer games

Electronic ARTS (hereinafter referred to as EA) announced on March 3rd on the “FIFA” series to delete Russian clubs and representative teams. From popular soccer games, Russian clubs and representative teams will be expelled.

FIFA 22 Global Series OPEN Day 2

The EA is currently serving Ukraine, which is being invaded by Russia, and when you wish the war ends. After linking with UEFA (European Football Federation), we announced that Russian representative team and Russian club will be deleted from “FIFA”. The target is “FIFA 22” and “FIFA Mobile” “FIFA ONLINE”. In addition, the other parts are also appropriately reviewed and changed.

Speaking of Russia, one of the foothalls of soccer. A Russian football premiere league has existed as a professional profession. In addition to CSKA Moscow, who once belonged by Honda Atsukawa, there are many strong teams such as Zenito, Dinamo Moscow, Rubin Kazan, and there are also many scenes that show the presence of the Champions League and the European league. There are 16 clubs only in one part, but they seem to be deleted at all. The Russian national team also disappears from the game. The Russian representative is 35th place FIFAranking. Although there is no flashy, it is a team that is strong in extremely cold home and looks at the scene here. The representative team also disappears in the game.

With regard to this judgment, the influence of UEFA or the like will also be large. For example, Russian soccer clubs and representative teams have already stopped participation of the international tournament (daily sports). Last recent, 22 years World Cup Qatar Convention can not participate in European qualifying playoffs. Russia has already been tightened from real football, and the situation is reflected in the game.

In addition, although the EA does not have a clear stance as a company about invasion of Ukraine in Russia, it shows the movement of Russian exclusion in the game unit. For example, “Battlefield 2042” stops the Weekly Mission for Russian Battle Heliskin last week. In addition, Russian tightening was announced this time from “FIFA”. Besides the popular American football game “Madden NFL 22” is also revealed to delete Russia and Belarus representative teams.

The international community strongly opposes Russian aggression and has progressed in Russian elimination globally. The game is also not an exception.

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