Where to deliver Irinas letter to Elden Ring

Where To Deliver Irina's Letter In Elden Ring
After traveling south from Limgray through the bridge of sacrifices, you will fall on the crying peninsula. Follow the road to the south, and you will meet Irina, the daughter of the Morne castle commander. She will ask you to deliver the letter to her father and point out that he may still be in the castle. You can wander around the district, trying to find its location, so where do you need to deliver the letter Irina to Elden Ring?

Irina points out that her father may still be in the castle, but go through it – a difficult task. When you follow the road to Moon Castle, you will have to go past the troll, several soldiers and illegitimate. Climbing the elevator into the castle territory, you must go through the courtyard where a group of illegitimate and dogs gathered. You can sneak past them right through the middle and pass by a small pumpkin head at the end of the yard.

Continue to the right to the right, climb the stairs and fight with other illegitimate. These illegitimate can fly and quickly shoot in you from afar, so be careful. By defeating them, go down the stairs on the left. It can be easy to skip, but will be illegitimate and soldiers fighting ahead to confirm that you are going on right. The stairs right ahead will lead to the top of the tower, where you can find Irina’s father.

Having delivered the letter of Irina, Edgar will say that he should stay and protect Morne Castle. Return to Irina to continue the quest.

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