The limited launch of Apex Legends Mobile is delayed

Eyendens of apex Players who were anxious to try the mobile version of the game every time their limited regional launch occurred will have to wait a bit more to do it. Electronic Arts announced this week that the limited launch of the game would be delayed until March 7 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, although the editor referred to the situation as “current global events” instead of making specific reference. No changes were made in the countries planned to be part of the launch.

The update on the launch of apex legends mobile was shared in social networks, as well as in an updated version of the blog entry that initially announced the plans for the launch of the game. It was there that the new launch date of March 7 was set, but it was not specified if it will be launched at a specific time that day or just at 12 a.m. m. PT of March 7.

“Due to current global events, we make the decision to change the limited regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile,” Electronic Arts said on its update. “Our intention now is to launch the game to the participating countries on March 7, Pacific Standard Time.”

This launch will not be global, although it never intended to be it anyway. It was always going to be a limited launch in just 10 countries, and those countries that would obtain the game would be Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia, and from now on, those countries have without change.

When the soft launch was announced for the first time, Electronic Arts said the launch would be executed during the spring of 2022, although it has not yet been clarified if it will continue to work during that time or if it will last one more week to compensate. for the delay. A specific end date was never established, so it is likely that players do not notice the difference anyway.

“We know that it has been waiting for updates on _apex mobile legends since we carried out our beta tests closed last year,” Electronic Arts said earlier. “We are excited to announce that _APEX mobile legends will enter the next great development landmark: a limited regional launch from next week and is expected to be executed during spring. This next phase will see _APEX mobile legends enter a limited launch in 10 countries so that we can continue our work on the game systems, characteristics and more before the launch ».

Apex mobile legends now will have a limited launch in selected countries on March 7.

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