Dead by Daylight developer short interview. Two kinds of fear of “ring” collaboration new chapter who screamed many players

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE delivers “Sakai Rising” that gained an idea as a new chapter of “Dead by Daylight”. Asakawa and Asakawa Yoichi as a survivor as a murder demon. Although this implementation is scheduled for March 9, PTB (Public Test Build) is delivered in the STEAM version and already calls more echoes.

In addition to the production of the waiting screen (related articles) and Mori, which is too scared, it looks like a faithful depiction based on the original. For example, the number of gauges required for the activation of the “curse” can be estimated to be from the setting that you die after one week when you look at the videos of the curse. In addition, it would be not a coincidence that Asakawa Yoichi, who has appeared as an adult in this chapter, is also a coincidence to think about the relationship between the relationship to the sea of ​​Yuko itself.

This time, with the delivery of “Sakai Rising”, we conduct an email interview with the Behaviour Interactive’s Creative Director Dave Richard. We asked the chapter question to Mr., such as visual design, music, and game play mechanisms from the character story. Deliver the contents.

– Please tell us if there is a different point with “ring” and collaboration work so far.

So far, this “ring” is different from the collaboration performed with “Dead by Daylight” to have the opportunity to create a story of Asakawa Yoichi from Kadokawa. Through this chapter, I think that he can convey his subsequent story, the only survivor of “ring”, tells the importance of the content of video games today.

-Was there a difficulty to express a quiet horror that consists of psychological fear?

Certainly, a psychohoror like “ring” and the slouser style horror vary widely. This issue was the point of how to express the part “Dead by Daylight” that the part of Sako’s “Curly Curly Curse” of Sako is “Dead by Daylight”.

-Sako’s jumps care production is a topic in Japan and overseas.

I think it is wonderful to be a topic of such winds. We are also enjoying the player’s reaction videos and enjoy it!

– There was a different fear with other murderer. Did such a reaction was assumed from being produced?

When creating a new murderer, what kind of fear of the type is determined in advance. A variety of fears and instantaneous and grotesque fears that come slowly. In the case of Sako, we were able to express two kinds of fear. It is “astonishingly scared and scared that the backomy is frozen” and “astonishingly scared” like a jumps care.

What is your point like your character design?

I wanted to express Yuko As a character representing Japanese horror, so I was committed to faithfully reproduce the original while discussing with the staff on the Kadokawa-like side. I thought about how she is different from American murderer, moving, moving, moving, and the position of her arms, etc.

– It is pretty faithfully reproduced, such as her nails that are no longer to go to her well.

In order to create a spooky atmosphere of Yuko, we asked for realism to a fine place. The nails that were no longer Sako were in a good example, and it was necessary to add it into the game as a very important part that expresses her distress and anger dropped to the well. Besides that, “Sako is not physically attacked”, also discussed Kadokawa about how to hang the survivor in the game.

-Please tell us about the development concept of the as a murderer.

If you create a character based on the work already existing like “Ring”, it will be an issue that it is faithful to the original as possible. In addition to that, when adding a new character in the game, it is a presence that it is fun to play, but it is fun to play. By adding the “Dead by Daylight” arrangement, we created a character that sets a line with other murderers by adding the “Dead by Daylight” arrangement.

– Some voices are difficult to save seven gauges. Do you have plans to change in the future?

Development teams are always improving game balance so that “Dead by Daylight” can play happily. We will feedback to many players with PTB and adjust the data to the official release by collecting data. Curse gauge is also under consideration, and after release, please expect because it will be a wonderful chapter!

–thank you.

After the email interview, several changes have been announced in response to PTB feedback. The speed change, the scope, threat range, and balance adjustment to the curse system is involved, including the speed change, visible range, threat range, and curse system of “. Survivors need to be gaze a more curse meter, as the curse gauge is fast and decreasing the amount to be reduced. Other details should be referred to the official news.

New chapter “Rising Rising” will be delivered on March 9th. The new “Dead by Daylight”, which has joined the world view of the Jupanese Horror’s gold tower “ring”, will invite players to further fear in the fog forest.

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