Grid Legends, our opinion



  • Name : Grid Legends
  • Type : Race, Solo and Multiplayer
  • Developer : Codemasters
  • Publisher : Electronic Arts
  • Release date : 2/25/2022
  • Platforms : NS, PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XSX

A year ago exactly, the race game specialist, Codemasters joined the great Electronic Arts family in a huge $ 1.2 billion transaction. So, EA put his hand on franchises F1, Dirt, Project Cars and a certain Grid. If we were entitled to a reboot of this franchise in 2019, the year 2022 gives us Grid Legends , the first game since the redemption by EA.

I do not do a hiding place, I know very well the GRID franchise games that I played and completely finished. So to see that a second title arrived in two years, intrigued me a lot. Let’s say I found it a little fast, but Codemasters usually has capabilities to make good games quickly.

Grid Legends Review
Then, the principle of this Grid Legends is a little different from the previous grid. Very complete, one can start the story mode, the career, or perform races that one wants in addition to accessing the online modes supporting 22 players.

The story mode is completely new. We follow a stable that begins and has difficulty with its pilots. Our interfaces to replace a pilot in a series of small scenarios between video sequences involving real actors and actresses. The career mode is very similar to what we have experienced with the 2019 Grid.

Here are my comments in detail in this 11 minute video:

  • Adding a story mode
  • 22 cars online
  • A certain online playability online
  • Superior artificial intelligence
  • Beautiful visually

  • Forgive a lot too much
  • Less long than the previous one
  • Generally too similar to the previous
  • Poorly integrated electric cars

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