PS plus April 2022 free games, predictions, rumors and more

The free PS plus games for April 2022 will be revealed at the end of March and offer subscribers three other games to touch. This is likely to be divided into two PS4 games and a PS5 game for subscribers.

Sony has done a great job consistently to make solid or great PS5 games available with its service. And despite two large publications on the first Tuesday in April we do not believe that Sony will give away one of them, but will be dealing with the residue to PS5 titles published last year, which may not have received the deserved spotlight. The PS4 titles could make it up.

In this guide, we will appeal all rumors to the games of this month and all leaks that have occurred. So continue reading everything we know about the knowledge PS plus April 2022 free games .

PS Plus April 2022 Free Games

The PS plus games for April 2022 have not yet been revealed . They will be announced on March 30, 2022. The games will then be available on 5 April 2022.

If leaks occur, we will definitely update this section.

PS Plus forecasts for April 2022

Before announcing the PS Plus game in April 2022, we have some predictions about what we could see:

  • Lehnis Gate – PS5, PS4
  • Cuphead – PS4
  • Empire of sin – PS4

10 New Games March (2 FREE GAMES)

Lemnis goal (PS5, PS4)

Lehnis Gate is a unique round-based FPS, which was released at the end of last year. The game, which is praised for his fleet gameplay, its unique fighting opportunities and its unique premise, has unfortunately difficult to maintain a fan base since its publication.

Struggling against other players and watching how the battlefield becomes more and more hectic when several ghosts of their life occur in real time is a spectacle and will hopefully help to breathe the game and community.

Cuphead [PS4) [PS4)

The meanwhile iconic cuphead has become almost a well-known name, with lovable characters and even its own Netflix show. Nevertheless, the game is tough.

Brutal bosses, intensive encounters and merciless difficulties make the game to what it is, and since The Delicious Last Course DLC is on the way in June, this will be a great time for Studio Mdhr, so many people as possible for the To interest play.

Empire of sin (PS4)

Finally, Empire of Sin was started in December 2020 with devastating reviews, but since then experience has ever improved and introduced new mechanics and functions.

You are one of almost a dozen criminal bosses and working to build a criminal empire during the prohibition time in America by using strategy, tactical struggle and confrontation with the many other criminal bosses in the city.

That covers everything we know about the free PS plus games and rumors of April 2022. Other games you can play on PS5 will find in our list of the best available PS5 games.

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