Minecraft: A player creates the perfect sword for PVP and offers the recipe to manufacture it

Minecraft is an authentic raw diamond, that’s something we’re not going to discover at this point. Players not only have the opportunity to express their imagination and creativity as we have seen many times (Harry Potter, Disney Land, Doom…), but can also be measured from each other in epic battles.

To do this, you must first stand and prepare properly before going to war, and a new mod has arisen that can be useful. It allows you to do the Infinity Sword, the perfect sword for PVP .

YouTuber named ssundee gives the recipe of the perfect sword

If there are thousands of mods available in Minecraft, this should attract players more looking for adrenaline. In fact, the YouTuber ssundee has shared in a Youtube video the perfect recipe for the design of the INFINITY SWORD, using the Insane Craft Modpack.

With no less than 250 different mods compiled in the latter, Insane Craft makes it possible to get the six Infinity Stones of Thanos, and ssundee had the bright idea of ​​using them to make the blade of conqueror of the real name of the.

How To Win Every PVP In Minecraft
In order to manufacture it, players must, above all, have a large number of materials in their hands, but also make calls intermediate swords to complete all the necessary steps before the last 1. In addition, minigames also require players to complete them to manufacture the sword.

For more details about the features of INFINITY SWORD , it inflicts 60% of the health of the lens as real damage in addition to several special skills, such as the ability to hit the ground in such a way that it creates a shock wave and Then inflicts 300% damage.

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