How to perform the world task “Riddle Bunkok” in Genshin Impact

Local task Bunkoku Enigma is available as part of the Three Realms Offering Gateway event until March 30, 2022 . All suitable players having access to the region can also initiate a local task, talking with Yabe in Dinichi Mikoshi.

Talking with Yabe, follow the quest marker to the narrow passage in this area. Go to the room like a cave, and you will be asked to explore it in search of tips. Interact with lever on the wall to progress.

After interaction with the lever leave the room and follow the quest marker up. You will come across another narrow entrance to a room containing a locked mechanism and a puzzle with a stone slate. After dialogue with Peymon, talk to Yabe, who will offer you to find all missing damaged stone plates.

After receiving damaged stone slabs, follow the quest marker back to the room and interact with the Stone Slate puzzle to activate the mechanism.

Stone shale puzzle

To solve the puzzle, move the shale, advancing and interacting with them in accurate order as prescribed above. This will create a sequential pattern, and the middle will remain empty. If you made a mistake, interact with the nearest mechanism to reset the riddle.

meeting with kenagi

After solving the puzzle, the cat scene will start, and the middle will open onto the floor underground. Jump down to meet residual image of kenagi . Talk to him, then take the mysterious stone slate in front of him.

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After, Phase gates Encanomy will appear in the room. Use it to promote you up. Paste Mysterious stone slate on a mystery of a stone slate, interacting with him. Another cat-scene will appear, and the hole in the underground floor will appear again.

Battle of the Mustache

Before jumping down, Prepare a combatable command , as the battle with a vengeful spirit will begin as soon as you reach the Earth. He behaves like ordinary Cairagy, so it will not be difficult to beat him. After the battle you will be rewarded Luxury Chest .

When will be ready, free the kenagi from his camera, interacting with lever on the right . Talk to him, then inform Yabe news. This will complete this local task.

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