A new Elden Ring trailer to start the week in difficult way

Bandai Namco has published a new trailer of Elden Ring , the last one before the launch of the expected game of Software. The video, six and a half minutes, put a complete review of what you have to know yes or yes about the game: ambience, gameplay and design of the world and the levels.

Yes, like so many people, you take months with the brain colonized by myyazaki and family (if you listen to the podcast relev this week you will know that it is our case), it is likely that nothing that is said here will surprise you or It is new, but as 101 of this expected open world translation of the Formula Souls the video works very well. That map is evocative as much as we have seen a thousand times how it works, even after having experienced it in the Network Test a few months ago.

About this test We wrote in your day, in fact, an article by writing the sensations that Elden Ring produced and its world. It is a known experience, what a doubt, but that it has everything in its favor to also surprise and introduce changes that altered considerably an experience that from software knows how to alter well, in interesting and effective ways:

It feels one like at home playing Elden Ring, although it is definitely not the house where you have always lived. Familiarity comes, first, of a gameplay that inherits everything you need from the Souls, from combat itself to navigation through menus and manipulating your systems. (…) But there are also novelties that give the Encounters of Elden Ring, such as that counterattack that is done by a strong attack after blocking a blow, one of those seemingly small and simple ideas but that end up being crucial: An almost movement of mighty when you use it against minor enemies but to which little by little you are finding new possibilities, new contexts in which your character and uses change drastically.

ELDEN RING - Overview Trailer

You can read our impressions here.

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