Communication 3 CEO, MWC Stage 3 years

SK Telecom, KT · LG U Plus, etc., CEO, CEO, attended by MWC22 held in Barcelona on the 28th (Local Time) in Spain.

The first MWC stage is located on the first MWC stage after CEO inadequate, Both CEO is inaugurated, and the president of the CEO in accordance with the president of the CEO.

SK Telecom and KT are in three years, respectively, selling offline exhibitions on the Pia Granvia and 4 pipes, and share future technology visions.

■ SKT, Metabus Concept Applied Exhibition Pipe

SK Telecom introduces a large exhibition hall with a large exhibition hall and introduces future leading technology and services such as metabus, artificial intelligence (AI), city air traffic (UAM). Focusing the Global Version of the Global Version, and the Jump Studio, AI semiconductor pioneer, UAM technology, which utilizes the Bol Metric technology.

It also introduces ‘4D metabus’, which is a large robot arm directly to experience ‘4D metabus’, and ‘remote Diamt’, which introduces exhibition items to the non-surfaces for visitor safety.

Applying the “Metabus” concept to the exhibition concept is that it is characterized by that it is characterized by that it is not just to experience the reality and virtual convergence in all viewing programs from the exhibition to the exhibition, and from the exhibition to the exhibition.

11 innovation startups and SK Telecom ESG projects that are pushing ESG separately on MWC22.

The executive of the Yoo Hyun is the MWC22, the Spanish Barcelona, ​​which is held directly, to inform the SK Telecom 2.0 era vision and expand its collaboration with Global Big Player and a variety of industries. “After the 5G commercialization, successful usecase and the results such as AI semiconductors, and quantum rocks were concrete,” this year MWC will be a bridge that such services and technology to enter the global market “I said.

■ KT, Digital Innovation Daily Dress

MWC Barcelona 2021 - Day 1 Highlights

KT participates in the GSMA cavity, Interstery, a GSMA cavity, as a subject of digital innovation. The exhibition hall and the ceiling were constructed in the way that the space boundaries are collapsing, so that the audience was intuitive.

In the AI ​​zone, the traffic flow is analyzed by digital tin and AI to introduce the technology to introduce the technology to derive optimal signals, and analyzes the CCTV image based on MEC ‘hybrid 5G MEC platform’, real dance to analyze user dance action as AI, AI NQI, which analyzes wireless quality based on ‘Doctor Wise’, AI, which is a technique that monitors 5G base stations and national documents.

In particular, AI Contacts Center (AICC) technology and application cases are going to be a World Stage.

Robot zones show a variety of techniques around the robot. It will demonstrate the “AI-defense robot” related technology to the first time in the MWC, and the future robot will be able to improve the room with ‘Airmap Korea’ with ‘Airmap Korea’, which is a real time and improves from a clean space.

6GHz frequency support Wi-Fi, “Giga Wi-Fi Home 6e”, which provides an indoor robot communication environment, also serves. KT Group & Partnerization introduces ‘A.UX album’, which is a next-generation environment of KT Group ALTMEDA, which makes Android-based IPTV and OTT services easier to use.

For visiting perspents that could not be found, the metaverse exhibition hall is opened by the Digico Land ‘to open the exhibition of KT implemented in MWC 2022 even in the room.

“KT” KT has been dedicated to the Digital Platform Company (DigiCo), “KT,” said KT, “said KT,” said MWC, “said MWC,” This MWC I expect KT to make the future of digital innovation to make, “he said.

■ LGU +, OpenRAN Cloud Meta Bus Collaboration

LG U Plus discusses Global Big Tech companies and 5G business cooperation measures to send employees, including Hwang Hyun-sik representatives.

In particular, it will be an open (O-RAN) ecosystem composition (O-RAN) ecosystem composition and the cloud switching of the 5G network infrastructure, and a business cooperation opportunity to lead the meta bus.

In addition, we plan to expand U + 5G services and content export paths that have been followed by 5G commercialization in 2019, and plan to explore 5G cooperation opportunities in many parts of the world.

LG U Plus operates 5G service demonstration, including meeting places and XR content for buyers in Pia Granvia 2 hall.

Hwang Hyun-sik is planning to visit the business direction and ICT trend this year by visiting a telecommunication equipment terminal manufacturer such as Big Tech enterprise and Samsung Electronics, Nokia, such as Amazon, Qualcomm.

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