EA rows back: Halo is not blamed at Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts has made aware of this week with an internal meeting in which over Battlefield 2042 was spoken. Finally, there were many controversies and problems that to discuss and arrange. Stupid only that the quintessence that showed the public from the meeting was that Electronic Arts is looking for numerous external excuses for the failure of Battlefield 2042.

Not only were the numerous problems in Puncto HomeOffice during the Covid-19 pandemic , but also on the shooter competitor Halo: Infinite and its multiplayer release. Finally, the 343 shooter made the actually super-functioning Battlefield in comparison much worse look than it was actually in reality. And of course, this message was by no means positive for the scratched PR at EA. Now, a day later Electronic Arts speaks highly speaking and demen to have put these more than questionable attitudes in their meeting to the day.

What happened?

The SHOCKING Reasons Why EA Thinks BATTLEFIELD 2042 Failed...

The conversation in itself was not publicly led, such as investors’ Calls of the past few weeks, but was actually a purely internal conversation. But about the industry insider Tom Henderson, the quintessence of the conversation on Xfire succeeded in the public. The Communications VP at EA, John Reseburg, now contacted with PCGame r with a statement with this situation and has anything but enthusiastic about the meeting on the meeting.

The official statement:

This stories are neither the discussion accurately, nor the context that was a very profound and modest internal conversation over the recent battlefield launch. It was important insights and the resulting actions, not to give external factors to blame.

In fact, aspects were mentioned in conversation, which are not related to Covid or Halo. In addition, Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 23.52 € / 53.99 €) Summa Summarum was a disappointment. But still gained the impression that Electronic Arts was unwilling to take full responsibility for the chaos to take over Battlefield.

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