The free update of Stellaris 3.3 Libra should go out at the end of February

Last updated there is February 18, 2022

Paradox Interactive is a popular video game publisher who often publishes high premium strategy securities. Some of its games include Prison Architect, Victoria, Crusader Kings and Cities: Skylines. The company is very experienced in the genre. Stellaris is a favorite game of fans released in May 2016. The game is currently available on PC via Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Today, developers announced that update Stellaris 3.3 Libra will be available on 23 February after A successful beta period..

Stellaris 3.3 Libra Announced & Released!

In its version, developers first thanked the players who participated and provided comments in the beta phase. The team reworked the unit and needed help from the community. As a result, the team announced that update 3.3. Libra will be free for all and will be released on February 23 at 10:00. HEC. Interested fans can consult the official TWITCH string of Paradox for its output stream.

The update notes for the next update are quite heavy. In terms of content, there are two new tailor-made stellar systems and three new anomalies to discover as well as two archaeological sites. In addition, major changes have been brought to the game because of unity’s redesign. Players can expect improvements in the user interface, stability and performance, as well as a ton of bug fixes.

Fans will also benefit from a new civic job, permanent, as part of the features of the Necroid Special Pack.

In Stellaris, fans can interact with various extraterrestrial breeds, explore new galaxies, discover new strange worlds and live adventures with endless possibilities.

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