LOL: Renatas most dangerous statistic that could complicate Riots life

Renata Glasc has just arrived at League of Legends and unlike many new champions, it is being able to surrender at a good level even at post-release hours. The champion has a relatively easy-to-understand gameplay that, despite the unique mechanics of it, she keeps certain similarities with the rest of the characters of the support position. Thanks to this, its victory rate of it has been located at a competent level in a very fast way . However, there is a somewhat alarming data within which it is being one of the quieter shoots in a long time.

The unbeatable statistic of Renata Glasc

The great characteristic that has characterized the launch of Renata Glasc has been that of it Absolute domain of the late game . The Champion has great problems during the first minutes as she be her the weakest phase of her due to the lack of mobility and how difficult it can be connecting the skills about enemies. It is the most complicated aspect will be mastering for the players of this character, but she makes it compensated by far as the minutes progress. Even if Renata only takes a few hours in the loyalty crack and the players can still improve, the victory rate of it ascends without stopping from 25 minutes.

The percentage of victories of Renata from the forty minutes of departure is at the height of Vayne and she she surpasses many of the most feared champions at such a starting moment as Kog’Maw, Senna, Nasus or Veigago . This circumstance is probably linked to the greater effectiveness of its W (financial rescue) and R (hostile acquisition) in the late game. During these minutes, fights tend to be life or death and in closed areas with great objectives. A situation forced by the metajame of League of Legends who benefits Renata naturally.

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It should be noted the high probability that the numbers of the champion will improve soon . Although we can define Renata Glasc as a simple champion that rewards us by knowing other characters from the category of it, the truth is that all newly launched heroes improve throughout the days following the launch of it. If this is fulfilled with it, it is very likely that we have just seen as the League of Legends equilibrium team alters part of the power of it to do something more stable along the game.


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