Standard dot picture cyberpunk RPG “Anno: mutationem” Next to March 17. Adventure in the winning neon city

ANNO: Mutationem | Full Demo (No Commentary)
Developer ThinkingStars announced on February 17, “ Anno: Mutationem Anno: Mutations Nem ” (hereinafter, Anno: Mutationem) will be released on March 17. Corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / ps4 / ps5. A store page is also opened at PS STORE for domestic, and it is likely to be released on March 17 in Japan. The game corresponds to Japanese. For the price, the PS version seems to be 2860 yen.

“Anno: Mutationem” is a cyberpunk action RPG. The stage is the near future world. The light of the sun does not get off so much, and the neon of the city is unlikely to be a global world. The hero will receive various missions with hacker Ayane as an ann. It’s a wonderful way to explore the city, interact with people, and sometimes break the fighting situation.

The attraction of this work is in the world representation. As visuals, we adopt representation that combines 2D and 3D. While graphics such as pixel art are characterized, depth are also depicted, and a three-dimensional world is built. In addition, each animation has also been devised, and various gimmicks appear in the city. The densely built-in world and characters will be characteristic of this work.

The search is a three-dimensional world adventure. In battle, a battle is expanded on a 2D basis. About battle, it is designed to try the player’s arms. Besides, there are elements that buy and grow weapons, and the RPG elements are also dark.

Development source ThinkingStars is a studio based in China. “Anno: Mutationem” is the expectation of SIE’s China Game Development Support Project CHINA Hero Project. About “Anno: Mutationem” was reported that the game was completed last month on January 18. And today, the release date was announced. About the key visual of the same work, Iria Kubsnob, a Russian artist living in Japan, which also serves as the character design of “Ghost Movement SAC_2045”, is working.

“Anno: Mutationem” is scheduled to be released on March 17 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5. At STeam, demo version is also delivered. As it is quality that the concept of this work can be grasped firmly, let’s play by all means.

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