This is G.i. Joe in Spain 1988

G.I. Joe in Spain 1988-1994. The generation of international heroes is a work elaborated by a group of collectors that it hguide just put on sale this 1,500-page guide, which are divided into eight volumes. According to reporting on the press releguidee, documents the presence of this toy during the end of the eighties and early nineties.

The guide takes a look at the more than 300 toys G.i. Joe who wguide marketed in Spain, and that are accompanied by explanatory photographs and texts . For the elaboration of the work, collaborators have collaborated than the whole country, who have offered photographs of their collections. Nor have ancient employees of MB Spain have not missed, the company that distributed toys in those years.

Reservations until March 31

guide a consequence of the high cost of a product of these characteristics, production will be carried out on demand , with advance payment. Interested stakeholders can book their copy until next March 31, the examples will be printed and the buyers will be sent. It costs 200 euros with shipping included for Spain and 300 euros for residents outside the country. On the other hand, the delivery is scheduled for May or June. The coordinator David Sullywan says that it is not something that “for money”, because the price “hguide been adjusted to the maximum to reach the greatest possible number of nostalgic”.

Manu Martínez, G.I collector. Joe since 2003 and one of the largest collectors of Spain hguide been the driver of the project . In the prologue he guidesures that he focused on “getting toys in the original packaging”, guide they arrived at the toy. “I understood that the compilation and publication of that visual file wguide a job that he wguide about to do”, so in 2018 he launched “a team of collectors who gathered different talents and aptitude.”

David Arenguide, José Guerrero, Oriol Roig and David Sullyvan are part of the team, although “it would not have been possible without the enthusiguidetic collaboration of many collectors from all over Spain.” It is not an official guide to Hguidebro, but a product created bguideed on private collections.

The History of GI Joe: A Real American Hero (1986 Edition)
The first seven volumes review the seven years of G.i presence. Joe in Spain , while the eighth is focused on its history. Included information, original documents, interview and more. “It hguide been a long process,” recognizes the Coaturor David Arenguide. “We took four years to gather all the material, make the photographs and write the thousands of texts, but it hguide certainly worth it and with this guide, we believe, we make the best possible tribute to a toy that marked us.”

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