Star Wars The Old Republic Heralds Legacy of the Sith avec bande

Last update there is February 16, 2022

War spreads throughout the galaxy. The valiant galactic republic and the sinister empire Sith continue to fight for the fate of the galaxy itself while the dark plot of Dark Malgus is revealed. Today, the game MMORPG of Bioware, Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR), celebrates its 10th anniversary with its new extension: Legacy of the Sith. In addition, a new kinematic trailer, Disorder, accompanies the exit of the extension.

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith brings players on new planets. Continuing the history of the former republic, Legacy of the Sith, brings to the players of external and interior worlds. First of all, the Empire launches an invasion of Manaan. A world of submarine laboratories with vital resources for both parties could prove to be a vital right-of-way for one or the other of the parties. The depths of Manaan offer scenarios for imperial and republican players.

Secondly, the Planet of ELOM could contain a sinister discovery for Dark Malgus. The Lord Sith in search of relics may have found a critical artifact on Elom who holds the future of Jedi and Sith in the balance. ELOM offers both a solo and multiplayer experience for both parties.

The story brings Malgus to perhaps his most “enlightened” state. As well as its most dangerous position to date. The cinematographic trailer, disorder, gives players a glimpse of what they could face on ELOM.

'Legacy of the Sith' Story Teaser

In addition, Legacy of the Sith introduces new fight styles to further customize your character. You choose how your character plays without as many gameplay limits. A soldier with a sniper rifle. An inquisitor with two laser swords. It’s yours.

SWTOR LEGACY OF THE SITH IS OUTDAY Today. This is a celebration that an extension of a decade of the former republic. Let’s see what the galaxy offers you.

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