Ollliolli World, a game that Steeze !!!

_ Steeze : skateboard that combines style and ease in his tricks._

\ – Developed by: ROLL7
\ – Release date: 08/02/2022
– Supports: Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
– Type of game: Action, Sport, Arcade
– Languages: F Rançais, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Korean
– Number of players: 1
\ – Average price recognized: 29.99 $ CA
– Publisher: Private Division

Ollliolli World, we are presented as a new bold skateboarding action game overflowing personality. In which we travel the bright and vibrant world of Radlandia, meeting characters high in colorful color while skating, to discover the mystical skate gods in your gnarvana quest.


In this 3rd volume of the series, you will need to become mage of skate in order to replace muslin the current mage. Throughout your adventure you will be supervised by: Dad, Mike, Suze and some additional characters who will help you, guide you and equip you for some.


I will not hide it, before well mastering your skateboard it will take several hours of play. The grip is both easy and difficult, it is not obvious to explain in a few words, but if You want to be able to complete all goals and be the world’s first in each level, you will have to combine precision and originality in your tricks.

I told you just above the world’s word, because even if the game is solo each level benefits from a ranking, at the point online.

Artistic direction:

The graphic paste of this game for me is really its strong point, with a cartoon side making me think of Steven Universe and some other cartoon of the ’90s.

The customization of our character is completely barred with outfits, cuts, skates that go from classic to what is becoming more crazy. So, allow free short to your creativity.

On the other hand music side, I find them quite a pleasant so that I cut them.

Each route is really different and many enjoys several branches to a variety of difficulties. Moreover, in order to accomplish the various tests of Mike, you will have to go through them.

Various and varied remarks:

This game is really fun to play, personally I do not like music and play with my own playlist, but if it will be you please.

I’m just short game sessions, because even if the courses and goals are varied, the game is quite repetitive.

A good game, with a lot of fun.

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