Cyberpunk 2077 already appears as “Optimized for Xbox Series X

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 15, a new presentation of _ cyberpunk 2077 _ will be carrying out. CD Projekt Red Announced this transmission a few hours ago, but they did not say exactly what they think about talking during it. It is speculated that the version next-gene of the game would finally be revealed, and a new track has reinforced these speculation.

It happens that _ cyberpunk 2077 _Ya is showing up with the legend “ Optimized for Xbox Series X | S ” for certain users, as you can see in the following images courtesy of Tom Warren:

Cyberpunk 2077 one year after Launch! It’s still BROKEN and BUGGY! (PS5 & XboxSeriesX Update)

Users who have opened the game do not report any exchange rate, that is, the version of xbox one is still running in a x or s. However, this could mean that its native version of New generation could be revealed tomorrow and who knows, in one of those even mention that it is already available for download or purchase. After all, CDPR mentioned that this version would be ready during the first quarter of this year.

Editor’s Note: Honestly, I see it a bit difficult for Cyberpunk 2077 Next-gene version Maybe it may be available tomorrow, but everything can happen. It would certainly be a pleasant surprise, but it is most likely that they show us how this version is run as well as its release date.

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