Werder Bremen: Ole Werner welcomes Baumann

Trainer Ole Werner von Werder Bremen welcomed the contract renewal with the Bremen Managing Director and Trainer Oleschef Frank Baumann.

“I rate the positive. For me personally, it is so that I like to work with Frank Baumann and that I am pleased that it goes on,” said the 33-year-old in a virtual media round with Bremer journalists.

Werder Bremen: Kein Spaziergang! Ole Werner erwartet FC Ingolstadt „mit Messern zwischen den Zähnen
The table two of the 2nd football Bundesliga had extended the end of the season ending contract with Frank Baumann the day before until 2024. The continuation of this cooperation was questionable for a long time because Baumann was strong in the criticism after the Bundesliga descent in the summer.

After the seventh victory in the seventh game under the end of November Werner committed to the Bremer but for the first time this season on one of the two direct climbing sites, even if the new coach believes that “this short-term winning streak” is not the trigger for the contract extension with Baumann was.

Nevertheless, Werner believes that the decision in this important personnel question could help his team in the ascent race. “I welcome clarity wherever you are possible. And there is now clarity. That can only be good for us,” said the coach. “You have to assume that until the penultimate, third last match day stay four, five teams in the raffle. And we want to belong. It will stay exciting.”

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