Parking disc: all attention matter

How do I set the parking disc correctly?

The question of how the time on the parking disc is properly adjusted is actually answered in paragraph 13, paragraph 2 of the roadway order exactly: Accordingly, the pointer is precisely aligned in the start of the parking begins to the stroke of the next half hour. That means: who parks the car at 16:07, the parking disc must set at 16:30. If it is 16:38 clock, the pointer belongs to 5 pm. And if the parking disc obligation starts at all at a later date, it must be set.

It is advisable to follow the specifications exactly. “Is the pointer between the strokes or the driver indicated a wrong time, there is a warning money between 20 and 40 euros,” says Wolfgang Müller, legal expert in ideal insurance.

Where do I leave the parking disc?

Always in the car always so that you can be read from the outside well visible and doubtable. An ideal place is on the fitting carrier behind the windshield. But it is also allowed to deposit the parking disc behind the side window or on the haulage.

How does the parking disc have to look like?

That too is specified exactly. In size, the parking disc has to comply with the dimensions 15 x 11 centimeters, the color must correspond to a specific blue tone, for which script the specification knows, also the typeface is prescribed. Advertising and lousy sayings on the front are prohibited, as well as another (colorful) color or the so-called “passing” parking discs, which automatically reset after the parking time.

Digital Solution: Can be worthwhile when the parking disc is often needed. NeedIt

also goes a digital parking disc?

Yes – but not any. Here, too, meticulous regulations apply. First, the electronic parking disc needs a type approval. Second, you must automatically adjust the beginning of the parking time when switching off the engine. She helps her a motion detector. Similarly to conventional, the digital parking disc also rounds up the next half hour. This time must not change. Third, the front has to bear the classic parking traffic sign “314”. Fourth, the word “arrival time” must be above the display. And fifth, a 24-hour time is required, with numbers whose height is at least two centimeters.

And a handwritten note?

No. If you do not find a parking disc in the car and as a replacement the arrival time on a sheet of paper or similar doodles, acts inadmissible.

Can I interact the time?

Disc Parking | A System Common in Europe

No. When the parking time has expired or to race threatens, it is not allowed to easily turn the time.

But it is possible to move the car. However, it is not enough to return something forward and then back. The parking space must already be completely abandoned and reduced – for example, after being driven at least once around the block.

Otherwise, the following tariffs apply to covering the parking period: 20 euros up to half an hour, 25 euros for up to a whole, 35 euros for up to three hours and 40 euros for more than four hours.

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