“Spitfire” is usually a weapon at the normal weapon by “Apex”? Possibility of becoming a heavy ammo weapon “3 strong era”

For users who are playing “Apex Legends” from the beginning, “Spitfire” is one of the most familiar weapons. Currently Care Package Weapons , the presence is thin, but the next season may usually come back to the weapon.


# Information that “Spitfire” is “Derpacking”

On the net, various video distributors say “Spitfire” to be removed from the care package weapon. One of the information sources is that youTuber Kijanna will be posted on January 23.

This video interviewed John Larson , which is a live balance designer of “Apex Legends”, and talked about the update of care package weapons.

Mr. Larson has recently reflected the way that weapons such as “Spitfire” and “ Dvation LMG “, “ Lampage LMG ” were in the leg light, and they are dissatisfied from users each time Califeration that he was up. He should consider balance adjustment when leaving “Spitfire” from the care package.

In response to this video, various video distributors, such as Bobsappaim and Tie Prize, will introduce the “Care Packet Graduation” of “Spitfire”. Information is spread even between domestic players, and on the Internet

On the other hand, Larson does not say which weapon enters the care package instead of “Spitfire”. By the way, “Lanpage LMG” currently fascinated is to be able to balance with the nau, which was held on January 14. So it seems that there is no career package instead.

Although not yet officially announced, if “Spitfire” is really weapons, the choice of Heavy Amemo weapon changes. However, “3 strong times” may open the curtain.

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