LOL: How was the first week of the Elements League 2022?

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The national league system of LVP (MediaPro Group) came to Latin America as part of the merger of the end of 2018. With Latin America League , several second division competitions emerged in important countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru and, eventually, Central America and the Caribbean. Previously, this tournament was known as Tempest League and ran by GGTECH LATAM in the 2021 season. With the closure of cycles, the competitive scene passed by LVP with a face washing.

Elements League Distribute $ 14,000 USD in your regular phase, which consists of eight clubs dispatching seven weeks. The format is double Round Robin to the best one, looking for the Top 4 that the qualifiers will play. These are in simple format for the better of five, having $ 8,000 USD in prizes. By the end of March, we will know the first champion of the new stage of Central America and the Caribbean.

But, How is the league going so far? Remember that it started on January 24 and has two days per week: Monday and Tuesday. What he means, we entered his second week with teams that look for points hurriedly. For the close of January 25, Gravity Elite , JANUS ESPORTS and SAPRISSA ESPORTS were on top without defeats.

With the first days, SAPRISSA ESPORTS confirmed that it is one of the strong teams. Not only did it score the 2-0, it also did it quickly. Gravity Esports follows it closely, but it is missing in one face to face to know who is superior to the other. In parallel to the results of the sets, there were also new faces in the crack of the invoker. Some are already in the MVP records of both the days and the first week. Next, we share the first list:

  • MVP of the week: Joshua “Fleekz” Torres : Who says that the supports did not charge? Well, as proof that they do, Fleekz’s Sett was key to Gravity to put on his two games face down.
  • MVP J1 – Delano “Ravey” Chrisanthony : One of the surprises of the week was to see Bandits fall. Ravey from the upper lane took care of that happened and so, fire had the first victory of the season.
  • MVP J2 – Italo “Italin” Salcedo : Fire vs Vandals was one of the most narrowed games of the week, reached a point where each error or advantage was key. That understood perfect Italin, because with an ancestral dragon theft he kept on the fire.

One of the stories to follow in the second week is the performance of Goat ESPORTS, VANDAL ESPORTS and BANDIT GAMING. There is also a strong plate on February 1: Gavity Esports against Saprissa Esports . The shock will help measure the initial level of the favorites of the Elements League.

The Elements League is played on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6:00 pm / 19:00 CO / 21:00 AR / CL / 01:00 es. The meetings are transmitted in the official media of LVP.

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