NBA rumors: Nets-Star Kevin Durant really pokers the whereabouts of James Harden

Kevin Durant apparently poses a whereabouts of James Harden at the Brooklyn Nets beyond the Trade Deadline. This is apparent from a report by Adrian Wojnarowski (espn).

As Woj reported on Saturday at nba countdown, Durant allegedly wants to continue with harden on his side in Brooklyn. KD believes that the team could win several titles with the Big Three around him, harden and Kyrie Irving.

According to the normally networked insider, the chances are not bad that harden is not shrinked in front of the Trade Deadline on 10 February. On Friday, Shams Charania (the athletic) had reported that the Sixers would strive for a blockbuster trade with the Nets around Ben Simmons and Harden and Brooklyn is even open to such a deal.

In recent weeks, speculation circulates, harden is not very happy in Brooklyn and he games with the thoughts of leaving the franchise in the summer. After new information from Sam Amick and Alex Schiffer (the athletic), harden is apparently generally frustrated by the NETS organization. Kyrie Irvings Status as part-time player Due to its vaccination rejection, however, no major role should play.

Wojnarowski contradicted the persistent harden rumors in that the 32-year-old would like to stay in Brooklyn his info. This has given “The Beard” both Durant also to understand the Nets officers.

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Harden caught a weak start to the season, but currently stands at 22.5 points, 10.2 assists and 8.0 rebounds on average. His litter ratios of 41.4 percent from the field and 33.2 percent from the distance, however, are the worst since his rookie season. Since Irving can only compete in away games and is missing Durant injured, a lot of load is on the shoulders of harden.

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Currently, however, Nets are in a crisis. The past seven games were all lost, five of them with Irving. As a result, Brooklyn slipped into six place in the east, currently the team is at a balance sheet of 29 wins to 23 defeats.

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