Dying Light 2: How to get poppy

Since processing is an important element of Techland‘s Dying Light 2 experience, know where to get specific elements will ensure that it never run out of help when it comes to the elaboration. If you want to venture at night and need a healthy reservation of Immunity Boosters, here you have How to get poppy at Dying Light 2 for all your craft needs.

How to get Poppy in Dying Light 2

At the beginning of the game, the NPCs will present the players the roofs and, more specifically, those with tall and yellow trees as useful material sites. Once you can wander freely, you should be able to see several of these groves on the roofs scattered around the city.

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When you reach each of these places, you will not only find a reliable source of honey, chamomile, feathers, resin and lavender, but there will often be other rare materials, such as poppy. You can also get cordyceps in certain places.

How to collect and use poppy

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